Pure Greek Olive Leaves Tea

Olive tea The 3.000 years old blessed tea

Antioxidant, antihypertensive and antiviral properties.
Scientifically it slows down cancer.
It rejuvenates the body and soul.
From the tree of life and eternity, the symbol of the olive tree.
Nothing in nature happens in a random fashion:
So why should the name o-live tea be an exception?

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NEW – Oleuropein the unique polyphenol 

olive tea

Olive Leaves Tea

…the absolute 6.000 years old elixir of the blessed Greek land for health wellness and longevity…!

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olive tea

Olive tree

One of the main characteristics of Greece that is surrounded by water and lightened and warmed by bright sun all-year round, is the presence of olive-trees. It is almost certain that olive-tree was self-planted at the Mediterranean countries since the time the first humans appeared in this area. Besides, this is something that can be evidenced by the remnants of all civilizations developed in the extensive area.

In ancient Greece, olive-tree was well known for its benefits as it arises from pot and wall paintings in Crete and mainland Greece. In the Greek mythology the olive – tree is met as an extremely useful tree not only for its fruit but also for its wood.

We are aware of the myth that goddess Athena donated to the Athenians an olive-tree in order to win Poseidon and be elected as the protectors of the town. Therefore Athens took her name. The cultivation of olive-tree in ancient Greece began on Crete Island at about 3500 bC, but it was soon spread to the rest areas. Evidences, which prove that olive-trees were cultivated in ancient Greece for both eating and oil, which was also used as cosmetic, are found in Knosos, Santorini, and Mycenae as well as nearly in all Greek towns were a great civilization flourished in the antiquity.

During the years of the Roman empire the cultivation of olive-tree was spread in the rest Mediterranean countries (France, Spain, Portugal e.t.c.), while the first colonists of the new world carried olive-tree there. As a result, it is nowadays cultivated in many countries of Central America. At present, olive-tree continues to be one of the most useful trees due to its many benefits. Its fruit, olive is a unique delicacy in every table. Its oil, Olive oil is considered as the most rich and healthy plant oil and is recommended for nearly all diets. Its wood, olive wood is used in woodcarving and as firewood. Olive leaves are given to animals for food while it can be produces oil for special usage by olive’s pit.

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olive tea

For centuries before the advent of modern medicine herbal remedies were used due to their preventive and therapeutic powers. One of these remedies is the tea from olive leaves. Nowadays science has discovered the secrets of the beneficial health properties of olive leaves tea.

What are these benefits? Why are botanists so excited about the olive leaves tea?

Olive Leaves Benefits

The health benefits of olive leaves tea.

Before comprehensive analyses of natural therapeutic chemicals based on plants came to light, the only way to test their effectiveness was through trial and error. The olive leaves tea was used for centuries as an effective treatment of illnesses ranging from the common cold to more serious diseases such as malaria and tropical fever which European explorers encountered in their travels. The beneficial effects of olive leaves tea on health were considered so great that it was frequently used in preventive medicine. Was there any scientific evidence that proves this? Obviously. Here are some discoveries recently made by researchers: Olive leaves contain oleuropein, a substance that acts as a natural pesticide and antifungal agent. Researchers in Europe have found that oleuropein in the human body has the ability to increase blood circulation while simultaneously reducing arterial pressure.

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olive tea


Medicinal Effect

The 3.000 Years Old Greek Elixir

olive tea

Portrait of mature woman looking at camera while drinking tea and interacting with her husband

According to Professor Norman Farnworth, – distinguished Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Illinois – 74% of all prescription drugs today originated from traditional plants. Science has for long been trying to discover and decode the amazing healing properties of the chemical world of plants. Recently, these studies have managed to give us certain herbal compounds with special properties for medical treatment and health. Some of these stimulate the production of anticancer enzymes, others inactivate other specific chemicals that cause cancer, others have an antioxidant effect, protecting the body from the free radicals that accelerate ageing and cause diseases, others have effects on microbes, viruses and fungi, destroying them through their microbicidal, virucidal and fungicidal properties. Others boost the immune system.

One of these is Oleuropein which is derived from olive leaves. The olive tree (olea), an old classic name, belongs to the family of Oleaceae. The genus includes about 50 species of shrubs and evergreen trees, perennials that are found in many places. The most noteworthy variety is the worldwide known European olive tree (Olea europaea sativa).

Pharmacological Effect Of Olive Leaves

The olive plant is minimally demanding and highly durable in all conditions.

The leaves, fruit and oil of the olive tree have an important place in agriculture, nutrition and traditional pharmacopoeia and medicine of many countries, mainly in the Mediterranean.

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The production process is certified by the appropriate certification bodies in both Greece and Europe.


The production process of Olive tea begins with the strict selection of olive leaves of the Koroneiki variety and wild olives, not sprayed with pesticide and without chemical fertilization.
We are observing the growing process of olive leaves the whole year around in the chosen olive groves in greek areas with the exceptional microclimate far away from any kind of pollution.
The leaves are washed with natural spring water in special stainless bins to avoid dangerous to human health chlorine from city network. Then the leaves are dried in a three-step process in order to save all of the most valuable components.
The cutting process is done with special machines that we designed and manufactured exclusively and then the packing and standardization in tea bags is followed.
The tea bags are then packed in airtight teabags from aluminum foil so that they remain safe and without losing their unique components until the final consumption.
During the whole process of collection and production we do not use any chemicals so that our final product is absolutely pure and natural.
Worldwide interest in the unique Olive tea rewards our effort and will soon be produced in the form of Ice Tea.

Our Company

Our company Euvion Ltd was established in Athens in 2011. For the first five years we have been engaged in scientific research and tests concerning olive tea. Using the most reliable scientific methods we achieved to produce Olive Tea, one of the best beverage worldwide extremely beneficial for human health packed in tea bags.
We constructed every production level from the beginning with fresh olive leaves, drying process, cutting by the best possible natural way.
Euvion Ltd Co except the Olive Tea also produces the Hellin famous premium extra virgin olive oil.
Our company has high goals in producing the best quality food and beverage exceptionally good for human health following pure and natural ways of production.

Our company has a separate scientific department consisting of a team of two agronomists, two biologists researchers, a chemist and one food technologist. We also have a special laboratory for chemical and microbiological analysis and sophisticated research equipment which follows the whole production process constantly.
The company Vioson GmbH, based in Herisau, Switzerland, is the worldwide exclusive distributor of our products.

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