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Wild olive tree

Olea oleaster, the wild-olive, has been considered by various botanists a valid species and a subspecies of the cultivated olive tree, Olea europea, which is a tree of multiple origins that was domesticated, it now appears, at various places during the fourth and third millennia BCE, in selections drawn from varying local populations. The wild-olive [...]

The worldwide pioneering Euvion Olive tea has conquered the Asian Markets

It was with great success that EUVION Ltd presented its products in the business mission that took place in Tokyo on 28th and 29th of November 2016 and in Seoul on 1st and 2nd of December accordingly. In a total number of 18 meetings with local company representatives our pioneering product Euvion Olive tea won [...]

Enhancement of super-centenarian olive tree in Corfu

Upon invitation of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Union of Eptanisians (Ionians) last August to the “Institute of Forest Botany and Forest Zoology – Faculty of Environmental Sciences Dresden University of Technology (TU Dresden), Germany, on the enhancement of supercentenarian olive tree in Strogili at the island of Corfu, the results of the [...]

Promoting a perennial olive tree in Corfu

At the invitation of the BoD of the Ionian Islands of Greece Union to the Institute of Forest Botany and Forest Zoology – Faculty of Environmental Sciences Dresden University of Technology (TU Dresden) with the aim to promote a perennial olive tree at Strongyli in Corfu last August, the results of the research, which was completed [...]

The oldest trees in the world are in Crete!

Olive trees of thousands of years of age still fructifying! The olive tree of Vouves is considered to be the oldest tree in the world, being over 3000 years old! The cultural and historical heritage of Crete has an element that is now attempted to be developed and become known in the world: the olive [...]

Olive tree: the Miracle of Nature

The olive or olive tree (scientific name: Olea) is a genus of fruit trees in the family of Oleaceae found in much of Greece. The olive oil is produced by olive fruits that are called also olives. The olive tree has been the symbol of the goddess Athena. It is an evergreen tree with leaves [...]

Olive tree

One of the main characteristics of Greece that is surrounded by water and lightened and warmed by good sun all-year round, is the presence of olive-trees. It is almost certain that olive-tree was self-planted at the Mediterranean countries since the time the first humans appeared in this area. Besides, this is something it can be [...]

Benefits of olive leaf

The health benefits of olive leaf tea For centuries before the advent of modern medicine herbal remedies were used due to their preventive and therapeutic powers. One of these remedies is the tea from olive leaves. Nowadays science has discovered the secrets of the beneficial health properties of olive leaf tea. What are these benefits? Why are botanists [...]

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