Upon invitation of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Union of Eptanisians (Ionians) last August to the “Institute of Forest Botany and Forest Zoology – Faculty of Environmental Sciences Dresden University of Technology (TU Dresden), Germany, on the enhancement of supercentenarian olive tree in Strogili at the island of Corfu, the results of the research, which was completed by thorough scientific way, communicated to the BoD of HUE and are impressive.

As can been seen, among the three trees that took part in research,  the first one aged about 1.120 years old emerged as the oldest one, followed by the other two, aged about 952 and 735 years, respectively.

The diameter of olive tree trunks as well as their height stand out as particularly impressive and are of comparable data with the oldest trees in the world according which and documented results, the three olive trees at Strogili in Corfu are included in the oldest olive trees worldwide.

The above mentioned fact is of particular interest to the scientific world as it was developed with a new method of measurement, evolving and perfecting the old measuring method. This research and its results are going to be published in 2015 at the eco-Mediterranean scientific journal by the scientists Andreas Roloff and Dr. Sten Gillner, while a scientific conference will follow where it will be included as a discussion topic.

After the notice of the results from the University of Dresden, wherein the old age, the heights and the great diameter of trunks of these beautiful and majestic olive trees at the region of Strogili in Corfu were being described, emphasizing their historical and cultural importance, the BoD of HUE is going to take all necessary steps in order these super-centenarian olive trees are recognized as natural monuments.